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Experience. Trust. Reliability.

  • Established in 2015, we were the first FAA licensed commercial drone service company in Southern WI.

  • We are highly experienced pilots with thousands of safe and successful flights logged.

  • We value reliability and ensure your project will be completed on-time and as agreed.

  • We use the latest in unmanned aircraft systems and techniques.

  • We are flexible and can adapt to any project. Our services include aerial drone photography and videography for real estate, commercial projects, and special events.



We have a backbone of creativity and marketing:

Our Chief Pilot spent 15 years in sales and marketing prior to pursuing his dream to serve the public.  Much of that time was spent in management for a multi-billion dollar advertising firm.  Whether it’s a wedding, a car show, a family reunion, or you just want a unique video showing off your new boat or motorcycle, we can help.


Special events all have their own ‘flavor’ and our pilots are great at discussing your needs and determining what exactly you’re looking for.  You can expect to have a highly trained, professional, and friendly pilot assigned to work with you throughout the project, ensuring spectacular results! 

Chris Litzkow Concourse Hotel Madison, WI ©

We Prioritize Training and Experience:

Our pilots are not just legal to fly. Each is a thoroughly trained and experienced drone operator. 100% of our pilots have jobs in public safety. They all take that training and experience gained by flying drones during these critical missions and apply the same principles to your project. 


Because each pilot has a professional reputation and flight record to maintain, you can rest assured that you're not hiring a 'fly by night' hobby flyer just looking to make a quick buck.

We Fly Legally: 

All of our pilots are certified through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate unmanned aircraft for commercial and public purposes.  The FAA calls this a Remote Pilot certificate.  Obtaining that certification meant that each pilot must pass a standardized test related to aeronautical knowledge and the safe and legal operations of drones.  The FAA requires bi-annual re-testing to maintain the Remote Pilot certification. 

Chris Litzkow is the owner and Chief Pilot for WI Drone Pilots.  Chris has held a FAA Private Pilot Certificate since 2002, and began flying drones in 2013. In 2015 Chris was one of the few pilots in the State of Wisconsin to receive FAA approval to begin commercial drone operations.
His experience as a pilot of both manned and unmanned aircraft enhances safety with large scale operations which require a high degree of coordination.

Meet our Owner and Chief Pilot

“I’ve had a love of airplanes and all things that fly since I was a kid.” - Chris Litzkow

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