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Q. How much do drone photos cost? A. Generally speaking, $249 is the average price for drone photos and video of a residential or commercial building. Final price is determined based on location, how long the pilot will be on-site, complexity of the project, and any required FAA pre-flight authorizations which may be required.

Q. Is editing included? A. Basic editing of photos is included in the price quote you receive. Video production editing is available as an add-on.

Q. I have a friend with a drone willing to take photos for me, is that legal? A. Flying drones strickly as a hobby and in uncontrolled airspace does not require an FAA remote pilot license. However, a license is required for all flights which as deemed commercial or public in nature. Any flight that takes photos or videos for any type of marketing, even if no money is exchanged, would require an FAA license. Complete details are available at

Wilderness Resorts Wisconsin Dells ©

B-roll for Video Producers

B-roll: recorded video of subjects or locations used to provide supplementary material for a film or television show.

The best video producers know quality B-roll can make their final cut stand out from the crowd. We have lots of local Wisconsin b-roll "in the can" and available for purchase. Or, we're happy to join you on location to shoot fresh content of your choosing. Long sweeping aerials of landscapes, rise-and-reveals of iconic buildings, dolly-shots, points-of-interest, birds-eye, fast action overviews, we've got you! Our pilots are competent, reliable, and works well with creative directors. 

2D/3D Mapping

Google Maps is a great free service, but the images tend to be at least a couple of years old and lack the resolution for doing real work.  Make your own maps and get a new perspective on things with accurate, high resolution imagery you control. We use the most cutting-edge methods available for creating our maps.  Combining multiple looks at an area as the aircraft flies over allows us to create a 3D model from which can derive stunningly accurate orthophoto maps. Accurately measure distance, area, an volume to centimeter accuracy. The textured 3D model can be downloaded and previewed online. Click the images below to see the difference in resolution between Google and our custom maps. 

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